Why Kids Need Superheroes…

What do you do when there’s leftover plastic wrapping from a renovation project? Why you create Superhero capes of course!

In our universal cyber world, exposure to cartoon characters like Spiderman, Ironman, and Captain America, crosses cultures. The children of Kasozi Village are no exception. The innovative boys in this photo run with joyful abandonment across the Kasozi compound, mimicking their favorite superhero.

Child psychologists tell us that this type of play is key in a child’s moral development.

Studies show how donning a super identity can help children explore ideas of good and bad, and teach values like compassion and courage.

Superhero play gives children a sense of power in a world where they often feel powerless. Many children who now live in our care came from dangerous situations fraught with uncertainty, hunger and despair.

In contrast, Kasozi village offers a safe and secure environment where children can impersonate their favorite heroes, battle imaginary enemies, and feel courageous.

More importantly, through the love and guidance of our staff and teachers, Kasozi children come to trust in the only Hero who offers ultimate refuge and strength…the only Hero who loves them unconditionally and will supply them with all the superpower they’ll need to live in an uncertain and chaotic world.

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