Rising Star

Sanyu Babirye came into our care nearly ten years ago. Both her parents were alive when she was young. But then her father died, and her mother became sick and eventually disabled. Sanyu was left with her grandmother.

“My life was not so easy then,” she said. School was out of the question.

She started attending our primary school in 2008, receiving food, shelter, clothing and medical care, and her life became stable. She flourished.

Ever since she was a little girl, Sanyu Babirye was an exceptional natural athlete. She’d play netball, which is a game similar to basketball with older girls who were a full head taller than her. She out jumped and out scored all them all, though she was 3-4 years younger. She was fiercely competitive.

She kept her skills honed playing volleyball against many older boys in the Village games. When she got to high school, she played volleyball for Busoga High School. Then she transferred to Jinja, Senior Secondary School with a student body of 6,000. As a sophomore, she started on the volleyball team.

The student to teacher ratio was very low however, and she didn’t like the school. So for her junior year, we transferred her to Wanyange Girls School, a much better and smaller school (2,500 students!). She also started for their team.

During a tournament, her Wanyange team competed against her former school, Jinja SSS. Her former teammates antagonized her verbally. This galvanized her to win, and Sanyu proved to be the star of the game, defeating Jinja SSS. She played two years there and after graduating was given a sports scholarship (which covered half of her tuition) to the best nursing school in the whole country!

Needless to say, we are extremely proud of Sanyu’s achievements. And she is very grateful for the help she’s received through Uganda Orphans Fund.

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