Child Sponsorship

A good education can help young people in Uganda avoid the cycle of poverty. Yet, the country doesn’t offer public school beyond the primary level. As a result, only 17% of the population has a high school diploma.

Our aim is to provide an educational path for orphans and other children at risk. We’ve established one of the best primary schools in the area. Kasozi Primary School covers what would be K-7 in our school system. When a child finishes primary school they take a national exam. Along with their academic performance in our school, we then determine whether they are eligible for secondary education. Those who qualify are enrolled in a boarding high school near their extended family groups. Others transfer to a vocational boarding school to learn a trade.

Our sponsorship program connects you with a student. Letters are typically exchanged and sponsors receive a photo once a year. Often lasting relationships form between children and their sponsors. Children gain love and acceptance. They grow in confidence believing that someone is standing with them in life.

If you are NOT interested in developing a personal connection, but would like to support our educational program, you can donate to our General Sponsorship Fund.

Since the program started in 2011, we’ve launched many kids. These young men and women are now living independently and working as nurses, midwives, tailors, commercial truck drivers, agricultural specialists, mechanics, plumbers, caterers, and much more. Their dreams were not possible without our support.

The cost is $50 a month which helps cover the cost of their tuition and care. Join us by sponsoring a child today!

Click here to sign up to sponsor a Ugandan orphan, or contact us directly.