Medical Clinic

Most children in Kamuli District have little access to decent medical care. If their family has money, they can visit a private clinic. If their family is poor, they must take their chances with a public health facility, which is often inadequately staffed and out of medicine. As a result, many children are suffering and dying from preventable or treatable diseases.

One out of four children in Uganda will not reach their fifteenth birthday, and nearly half of the country’s population is under 15. In addition, Uganda has only one doctor for every 10,000 people.

To help meet this dire healthcare need, Uganda Orphans Fund has constructed a children’s medical clinic at Kasozi Village in Kamuli District. Our mission is to care for vulnerable kids, which includes treating childhood illnesses and injuries.

The clinic is an outpatient facility with a small overnight ward. Medical staff treat basic childhood diseases, provide immunizations, perform diagnostics, and have a consistent supply of medicines. The facility is staffed by Ugandan doctors and nurses, with supervision by a Western medical professional.

Much of health-related suffering is rooted in poverty, so our pricing system ensures families can afford care while limiting our costs to a sustainable level. Therefore, the clinic provides free care for children but charges families for medicines and laboratory tests at a wholesale cost.

The clinic adds to the public health infrastructure in Kamuli District. We intend to work with and train community health workers on best medical practices for children and mothers.


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