Kasozi Village

Our primary school in Uganda’s Kamuli District has the capacity to educate and house 200 children, primarily orphans. These children are often victims of war or AIDS, and most are rejected by relatives. At Kasozi Village they find a stable life and an opportunity for their future.

The primary school is consistently rated one of the best in the district, and many of our children continue on to top secondary schools in the region.

The Village includes four dormitories, which are run by a house parent. It also has a cooking hut, library, soccer fields, dining hall, church, maize grinder, garden, and fresh water. The 25+ member staff includes the directors Bryan and Emily Mohr, house parents, teachers, cooks, security guards, a tailor, and others who oversee the operation. Just like our children, the staff originate from three different Ugandan tribes who come together to form a cohesive family at the Village.

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