Our Programs

Kasozi Village – Our primary school in Uganda’s Kamuli District has the capacity to educate and house 200 children, primarily orphans. These children are often victims of war or AIDS, and most are rejected by relatives. At Kasozi Village they have a stable life and an opportunity for education. [More]

Medical Clinic – One out of four children in Uganda will not reach their fifteenth birthday, and nearly half of the country’s population is under 15. Many children are suffering and dying from preventable or treatable diseases. To help meet this healthcare need, Uganda Orphans Fund has constructed a children’s medical clinic at our site in Kamuli District. Our mission is to care for vulnerable children. [More]

Child Sponsorship – Uganda does not offer free public school beyond the primary level. Only 17% of Ugandans have a high school education. Yet a good education can keep young people from the cycle of poverty. Our child sponsorship program supports over 120 older children through secondary and vocational school. [More]