November 2013 Update

We have 2 awesome volunteer gals Beckie and Carol that I came to know through our affiliation with Global Awakening in Harrisburg, PA. They have been serving at the village since July. They plan on being around til January. Don and Diane Lundsten are set to return to the states after a month on the ground any day now. They will be going back in May most likely, for another month. I (Duncan) leave this Saturday, Nov 30, for 3 weeks in Uganda. This will be my 5th trip in 2013! Some news:

1) We have purchased 2 new vehicles: a van for hauling people around, 4 wheel drive Toyota diesel, and a small “tipper” (dump truck) so we can pick up the monthly food supply, get firewood, and building materials ourselves instead of constantly hiring trucks for these purposes. Both vehicles were purchased in Japan and are on a freighter bound for Mombasa, Kenya. We are excited to have some decent vehicles coming by year’s end.

2) A few of our kids are ready to enter the big wide world!! Beatrice will go to sewing school to learn tailoring, David to driving school to learn to drive a semi truck, Ruth is at catering school where she is learning to cook and serve food, Nancy is going to learn business and run a small shop, and Cissy is at Ag college, and is planning to return afterwards and help run the Kasozi Village farm! The other kids “of age” are remaining in High School to get their certification and then see what God has in store.

3) My awesome niece, Hayley Hill, is traveling over in early December with my one and only bro, Wyn Hill (both from Spokane) to teach some of our older kids personal finance, and those pursuing business, basic business management. This will be a huge help in instilling sound financial principals in our kids, especially those on the brink of shoving off into life. Hayley is an international business major Senior at Seattle Pacific University, and we are so blessed by her heart to assist our kids with finical matters, a difficult area of life culturally for many Ugandans.

4) We purchased our own corn mill, which takes raw corn kernels and renders them into “posho”, a Ugandan staple food. Last year, we bought 10000 kilos of corn from around our local area, built a “maize store” out of our old kitchen structure, and are grinding our own instead of buying it in Jinja every month. We also have let some neighbors bring theirs in to grind for a nominal fee, which helps pay for a jerry can of diesel once in a while. The byproduct called “bran” is then fed to our chickens and dairy cows.

5) Last school holiday (September), 24 of our kids travelled north to go to Kateh Alupo’s ministry/missions school. 7 of them, along with some of the 60 kids up north that Kateh looks after, went on an outreach for a week, seeing many healings, deliverances and salvations. I had the joy of tagging along for 5 days and was amazed at the spiritual walk our kids have developed with Jesus. The kids led all the worship, preaching, and ministry. It was glorious!! This is the kind of stuff that keeps me going through the tough times…..FRUIT!!!

6) Kateh and several kids have been invited to Kenya to participate in a big crusade in early December. Then, during this next holiday, they will go to Soroti, a Uganda city in the east, and do their own outreach/crusade! Board member Rob Mazza (from Couer d’Alene ID) will be teaching the art of hearing God at the ministry school in the north near Gulu (Chain of Hope) run by Kateh, UOF Vice-Chairman, and I am believing that many more of our kids will be brought up to a new level of intimacy with God through this.

7) Brian Hopkins, lead pastor at Journey Church, kindly interviewed me and skillfully edited it, combining it with a short video that was shot in Uganda last year. This 10 minute video was shown at all 3 Journey services a couple of weeks ago. As a result, 7 more kids have been sponsored, bringing the total of sponsored kids up to over 70. Also, the Holy Spirit moved on several church members to consider a trip over in June of 2014, simply to come and love on kids and staff! I am very grateful for Journey and their collective heart for the poor and “least of these”.

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