Medical Clinic – Building Underway

Nate Hill and Steve Larson drew up plans. Cassia Wagner has been in Uganda getting approval from various levels of local government without any pressure to give bribes. She wrote, “I now have received signed off support for the clinic from the zone chair, the parish chair, and the sub-county chair. The parish chair said, “You have come to us, not the Mzungu (white man) way, but the African way…So I support this because this clinic will be our community clinic.”

Cassia has been meeting with builders and getting bids for the past several weeks, and the work should start any day. Steve and Dawn Larson, friends of board member Scott Mendenhall, have volunteered to head to Uganda for six weeks to oversee the construction. Beckie Bagby, the clinic director, leaves May 2nd to move to Uganda! So many to thank! It’s happening!

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