Easter at Kasozi Village

Duncan Hill, along with our office administrator, Moriah McKee and I just returned from spending two weeks at Kasozi Village in Uganda. Moriah and I had quite a time doing crafts with the kids, while Duncan attended to many administrative errands.

We’d planned several craft projects but the most popular one was making paper flowers. I showed them how to make a basic paper pinwheel.  From there, the kids took off designing flowers with construction and tissue paper. They dove in, completely engaged for 3 hours. The resulting diversity of shapes and colors was fun to see!

Easter Sunday, our worship time was full of singing, dancing, preaching and giving testimonies—all organized by the older kids. The Village also celebrated the day with freshly stewed chickens along with rice and vegetables and the real treat—-a warm soda! All the older kids were home on school break and so the Village atmosphere felt like a large family reunion. Joy abounded.

In the days following, we visited and played with a variety of kids. The younger ones eagerly joined in for games like Duck-Duck-Goose, Red-Light-Green-Light, and Simon says. They also love to “shade” or color on paper. I enjoyed greeting the mamas (our caregivers for the younger ones) and having conversations with the older kids. They are grateful for the safety and provision given to them through UOF and especially thankful the opportunity to complete a high school education.  Many of you have made this possible.

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