Clinic Update

The Kasozi Children’s Community Clinic, open since February 22, 2019, is still in the process of being recognized as a pediatric medical facility forthe surrounding district. Many locals have a mistaken impression that the clinic was built to serve Kasozi children only. To rectify this misconception, clinical staff and nurses have been going out into […]

Why Kids Need Superheroes…

What do you do when there’s leftover plastic wrapping from a renovation project? Why you create Superhero capes of course! In our universal cyber world, exposure to cartoon characters like Spiderman, Ironman, and Captain America, crosses cultures. The children of Kasozi Village are no exception. The innovative boys in this photo run with joyful abandonment across […]

Why Giving Requires Context

By Susan Hill and Beckie Bagby Author Jason Riley in his book Please Stop Helping Us, points to the downside of what he calls “serial altruism.” His overarching theme is this: The aim behind giving and helping others in need may be noble. But in practice, it often reduces the self-development necessary for people to […]

It’s Happening

The Kasozi Community Children’s Clinic is nearing completion! The construction crew is finishing various outbuildings (kitchen, pit latrines, guardhouse) and leveling the site. Painting is going on now. Cassia Wagner our Project Manager and Beckie Bagby our Clinic Director have been sorting through applications, meeting local leaders, interviewing candidates, and getting a handle on supplies […]

Rising Star

Sanyu Babirye came into our care nearly ten years ago. Both her parents were alive when she was young. But then her father died, and her mother became sick and eventually disabled. Sanyu was left with her grandmother. “My life was not so easy then,” she said. School was out of the question. She started […]

Uganda’s Ticking Bomb

In May this year, James K. Arinaitwe, posted an article in the New York Times with the above title.  See the excerpt below: “KAMPALA, Uganda — In March, the United States sent 150 Air Force Special Operations forces along with military aircraft to Uganda to help capture Joseph Kony, whose Lord’s Resistance Army has terrorized […]