Our story

Uganda Orphans Fund began in 2002 when Duncan Hill felt God’s call to go to Uganda. In the early years, UOF partnered with other relief organizations to build over 30 orphan homes in various locations. A typical orphan home cost $40,000 and housed 50-60 children. UOF left the ongoing care of the orphans to local church leaders, and other ministries in the area.

In 2006, Uganda Orphans Fund obtained “non-governmental organization” (NGO) status with the Republic of Uganda. This designation allowed UOF to steward its own vision and build Kasozi Village in the Kamuli District. The Village has four dormitories, a primary school, staff housing, a church, dining hall, a soccer field and a large garden. The property has a capacity for 200 children and 30 staff members. This diverse community includes kids and staff from three different tribes and has become one loving and cohesive family.

In 2012, we began a Sponsorship Program to help older children obtain a high school education and vocational training. Over 120 kids are currently sponsored, and that number is growing.

In 2018 UOF launched Kasozi Children’s Medical Clinic to serve the Kamuli District. Our mission is to successfully raise Ugandan children who can positively impact their country. First, they must survive childhood.