How it all started…
Sponsor a child for $50 a month.
Providing medicine “for the least of these.”

The number of vulnerable children in Africa is multiplying as we speak. Disease, war, and poverty continue to take lives and rip families apart. In Uganda, 2.5 million children are orphaned, and a quarter of kids will not live to their fifteenth birthday.

Uganda Orphans Fund is developing a different narrative. At our Kasozi Village in the heart of rural Uganda, we daily witness a true and hopeful story filled with smiles and laughter.

Here, children who were abandoned or at-risk experience a stable life. Kids, who formerly went hungry, eat daily. The sick ones receive immediate medical care. Then they receive a primary school education, followed by a sponsorship to attend secondary and vocational schools before launching into responsible and productive adult lives.

A former child soldier has learned to forgive himself. A girl abducted by a rebel army is now a seamstress. For these children, their past does not define their future.

We believe that all lives are precious to God, and every child deserves to know that someone cares for them. We reflect His love by providing compassionate care to Ugandan kids who would otherwise go without. Learn more about our work, and join us in the adventure!