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DSC01779Give on a Regular Basis – Did you know that most relief organizations maintain financial stability because many people give regularly? Monthly donations are our bread and butter. They help us plan ahead and work within our budget. Would you consider joining our support team by giving every month? [Become a Donor] [Become a Sponsor]

Alternative Christmas – One year Phil and Cindy Bruckner of Bozeman, Montana contacted their extended family…fathers, mothers, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandparents and more. Together they donated all the money they would’ve spent on Christmas presents that year. The sum total was enough to build an entire orphanage! Many Americans feel they have enough stuff; here’s an idea that might make a very special Christmas. (Contact us)

A Cross-country Bike Ride – In the summer of 2007, Stefanie Marshall and Jim Savage rode their bikes several thousand miles across America’s heartland to raise money and awareness for orphans in Africa. Stefanie had personally traveled to Uganda to see our projects. She said, “UOF is making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of children, and we want to do all we can to support their vision.” They successfully recruited many supporters and raised around $10,000 for the Fund. They are now Mr. and Mrs. Jim Savage! You too can sponsor a sporting event to raise funds for orphans. (Contact us)

I-Ho's tally sheet

I-Ho’s tally sheet

A Restaurant Owner with a Huge Heart – I-Ho Pomeroy is a Korean chef and business owner in Bozeman Montana. She used her skills and resources to host a fundraiser lunch one Sunday for UOF. I-Ho’s Korean Grill is already a popular restaurant, but that Sunday, a waiting line trailed down the sidewalk. The lunch was free to customers, with the idea that donations would go to Uganda Orphans Fund. Other businesses got in on the act including radio announcers on three different stations, two grocery stores, a printing shop and several churches. Her servers and cooks worked very hard, and when it was all said and done, they raised $6,039.37! Do you know a restaurant or store owner that would like to host an event? (Contact us)

Kids Helping Kids – Duncan Hill spoke about UOF’s work at Manhattan Christian School. As a result, many MCS kids struck up a pen-pal relationship with African kids in our care. But the MCS kids wanted to do more. So they started raising money to buy a herd of goats for the orphan village. They went all out and raised $4,000! One seven-year-old boy opened his piggy bank and gave every penny of his hard-earned savings. They collected enough to buy a huge herd of goats with extra money for fencing. They even bought a milk cow. Want to get your school or church group involved? (Contact us…)

Work Place Fundraisers – Plan a Brown Bag Lunch Swap – Each employee brings an extra special brown bag lunch. Employees bid on the lunch they want with all proceeds going to the cause. Everyone gets a great lunch! (Contact us…)

They sold a bite for $1.00 !

They sold a bite for $1.00 !

Have an In-house Auction at Work – Invite employees to donate something personal. For example, at First Bank Bozeman each employee and department came up with ideas and items for the auction. The commercial loan department staff offered to do fall cleanup in anyone’s yard. The vice president of retail loans offered to work anyone’s job for a day. The bank president donated all day fishing trip down the Madison River, which included a gourmet lunch. One teller made a fabulous chocolate cake. A loan officer bought the cake at the auction. Afterwards, 15 tellers pooled their money to buy it back from the officer, and then sold bites of the cake for $1 to customers. All told, that one cake produced several hundred dollars. The auction itself brought a great sense of community among employees. This bank only had 100 staff members, but together they raised $11,000. Would your business or workplace help fund the work of rescuing vulnerable children? (Contact us)

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