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Severely malnourished 7-year-old girl in the Kamuli District.

Severely malnourished 7-year-old girl in the Kamuli District.

In Uganda one in four children won’t reach their 15th birthday. And half the country’s population is under 15. On average, Uganda has one doctor for every 10,000 people. That number worsens in rural areas like the Kamuli District. There a quarter of all deliveries result in stillbirths, and the infant mortality rate is twice the national average. Poor access to quality health care is the underlying cause of such death.

Ten years ago Uganda Orphans Fund built a primary school for orphans in the Kamuli District. Now we’re launching a maternal and children’s medical clinic there. No other health facility in the district is targeted at mothers and children. We will support the public health infrastructure already in place by serving as experts on pediatric and antenatal care.

Our mission is to grow Ugandan children into responsible adults who can positively influence their country. But they cannot do that without surviving childhood. We include maternal care because when a mother dies, it’s not just the death of one person. It can be the destruction of an entire family.


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